The House of a Thousand Candles
by Meredith Nicholson
— 1906 —

Table of Contents

  1. The Will of John Marshall Glenarm
  2. A Face at Sherry’s
  3. The House of a Thousand Candles
  4. A Voice From the Lake
  5. A Red Tam-O’-Shanter
  6. The Girl and the Canoe
  7. The Man on the Wall
  8. A String of Gold Beads
  9. The Girl and the Rabbit
  10. An Affair With the Caretaker
  11. I Receive a Caller
  12. I Explore a Passage
  13. A Pair of Eavesdroppers
  14. The Girl in Gray
  15. I Make an Engagement
  16. The Passing of Olivia
  17. Sister Theresa
  18. Golden Butterflies
  19. I Meet an Old Friend
  20. A Triple Alliance
  21. Pickering Serves Notice
  22. The Return of Marian Devereux
  23. The Door of Bewilderment
  24. A Prowler of The Night
  25. Besieged
  26. The Fight in the Library
  27. Changes and Chances
  28. Shorter Vistas
  29. And So the Light Led Me