by William Makepeace Thackeray
— 1848 —
Before the Curtain
1. Chiswick Mall
2. In Which Miss Sharp and Miss Sedley
Prepare to Open the Campaign
3. Rebecca Is in Presence of the Enemy
4. The Green Silk Purse
5. Dobbin of Ours
6. Vauxhall
7. Crawley of Queen’s Crawley
8. Private and Confidential
9. Family Portraits
10. Miss Sharp Begins to Make Friends
11. Arcadian Simplicity
12. Quite a Sentimental Chapter
13. Sentimental and Otherwise
14. Miss Crawley at Home
15. In Which Rebecca’s Husband
Appears for a Short Time
16. The Letter on the Pincushion
17. How Captain Dobbin Bought a Piano
18. Who Played on the Piano
Captain Dobbin Bought
19. Miss Crawley at Nurse
20. In Which Captain Dobbin Acts
as the Messenger of Hymen
21. A Quarrel About an Heiress
22. A Marriage and Part of a Honeymoon
23. Captain Dobbin Proceeds on His Canvass
24. In Which Mr. Osborne Takes
Down the Family Bible
25. In Which All the Principal Personages
Think Fit to Leave Brighton
26. Between London and Chatham
27. In Which Amelia Joins Her Regiment
28. In Which Amelia Invades the Low Countries
29. Brussels
30. “The Girl I Left Behind Me”
31. In Which Jos Sedley Takes Care of His Sister
32. In Which Jos Takes Flight,
and the War Is Brought to a Close
33. In Which Miss Crawley’s Relations
Are Very Anxious About Her
34. James Crawley’s Pipe Is Put Out
35. Widow and Mother
36. How to Live Well on Nothing a Year
37. The Subject Continued
38. A Family in a Very Small Way
39. A Cynical Chapter
40. In Which Becky Is Recognized by the Family
41. In Which Becky Revisits
the Halls of Her Ancestors
42. Which Treats of the Osborne Family
43. In Which the Reader Has to Double the Cape
44. A Round
45. Between Hampshire and London
46. Struggles and Trials
47. Gaunt House
48. In Which the Reader Is Introduced
to the Very Best
49. In Which We Enjoy
Three Courses and a Dessert
50. Contains a Vulgar Incident
51. In Which a Charade Is Acted
Which May or May Not Puzzle
52. In Which Lord Steyne Shows
Himself in a Most Amiable Light
53. A Rescue and a Catastrophe
54. Sunday After the Battle
55. In Which the Same Subject is Pursued
56. Georgy is Made a Gentleman
57. Eothen
58. Our Friend the Major
59. The Old Piano
60. Returns to the Genteel World
61. In Which Two Lights are Put Out
62. Am Rhein
63. In Which We Meet an Old Acquaintance
64. A Vagabond Chapter
65. Full of Business and Pleasure
66. Amantium Irae
67. Which Contains Births, Marriages, and Deaths